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Agency Insurance Partners

Making a Difference in Agency Valuations Through Technology and  Acquisition  


We believe the primary reason preventing independent insurance agencies from growing is the lack of people resources.  Our back-office platform resolves the issue of providing service, while allowing for new sales opportunities and therefore higher agency valuations and earn outs.

Your Value

Our AIP exit strategy is tailored to your individual timeline.

As an AIP partner, you become a member of the future. Growing your agency is our number one goal! We back that with an exclusive network and cutting edge technology providing maximum agency payouts every AIP partner wants!

Technology for independent insurance agency

Let technology do the hard work

As an AIP independent insurance agency partner your focus should be on maximizing your individual earn-out potential! To help our partners, we built a back-office platform that automatically supports the agency's service needs, while generating new selling opportunities at any given moment. Allowing YOU to maximize your agency's value.


Without changing your existing workflow  

The AIP platforms, proactively, engage with your customers, using seamless technology, without changing your current workflows or software.

Improved insurance agency customer service
Improving sales and growth of an independent agency

As an AIP member

Your agency was built on trust and reputation, so is AIP! With our experience and technology we can move your agency forward rapidly. Our platforms are designed to help in maximizing your individual earn out.We look forward to discussing your agency’s value and your potential earn out soon! 


Your agency is your biggest asset, and we want to make sure we can offer you the right price for it. Unlike traditional companies, we take into consideration the agency's future potential when pricing it. Get your estimation now!

Market Analysis

Our Process

Selling your agency is not a decision you will consider lightly, and we respect that.

AIP is looking for agencies where the owner would like to stay a few more years, leverage our technology and grow the business so that they can maximize their earn-out potential.   Our process is transparent.  It will support and guide you along the way in achieving the maximum value for your agency.   

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