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AIP Acquisition Process

Selling your agency is not a decision you will consider lightly, and we respect that.

AIP is looking for agencies where the owner would like to stay a few more years, leverage our technology and grow the business so that they can maximize their earn-out potential.   Our process is transparent.  It will support and guide you along the way in achieving the maximum value for your agency.   

Step 1

Initial Informal Discussion

 Your time is precious, and we know that. This phase takes only a few minutes and is meant to explore a potential bilateral interest. In case such interest exists, we will send over a non-binding Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (MNDA)

Step 2

First meeting

The first meeting will always take place with an AIP's C-level, and is meant to achieve mutual introduction. We would be happy to ask questions about you and the business you are building, but more importantly, we would like to make ourselves available for your questions.

Step 3

Due Diligence Period

The due diligence period is meant to evaluate several different aspects of the business so both parties could evaluate the potential of the deal. This phase includes financials, organizational structure etc.

Step 4

Second meeting

In case both parties would like to proceed following the previous step, AIP will propose the initial terms including estimated price, payments structure, earn out structure, etc.

Step 5

Letter Of Intent (LOI)

If both parties are happy with the suggested structure, AIP will execute an LOI in order to establish the deal.

Step 6


This step is meant to seal the deal and make the acquisition official. This phase includes the initial payment as agreed previously as well as follow up items.

Step 7

Post Acquisition Technology Introduction and Training

This step is meant to introduce your agency with our seamless technology. From that moment and on, you and your team will be able to concentrate on growing your business rather than dealing mainly with service related tasks.

Step 8

Earn Out Period

Leveraging AIP's technology allows to improve the agency's efficiency dramatically, and concentrate mainly on sales. The main beneficiary during that time, is you!

Duration : A few minutes over the phone

Duration : 1-2 hours face-to-face or over videoconference 

Duration : Up to 1 week

Duration : 2 - 4 hours face-to-face

Duration : 1 - 2 weeks

Duration : 1 - 3 days

Duration : 3 - 6 weeks

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