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Agency App

AIP's Agency App provides a white label app so your policyholders could view all their policies information in one place, under your brand.

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Your Benefits 

It's Your Agency's App

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Doesn’t matter if your customers have several policies with a single carrier, or several policies with several carriers. From now on, all the information they're looking for is at the tip of their fingers.


Better For Your Customers

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While the personal phone call is important, it is often disruptive.  Now your customers can view relevant information on their own, regardless of the time of day or night, including policy coverages, upcoming payments, etc.


Better For Your CSRs

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The AIP app reduces dramatically the number of inquiries made by policyholders since all required information is already available. Now your team can concentrate on growing your business.


Better For Your Brand

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Your agency is your brand, and we know how important this is. Your community's next generation should know it as well. Now, you can rise above the noise with a branded app, putting your agency first in your community.

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